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Romania to Hollywood


Amy Krell, Film & TV Producer

“We have never missed a deadline with Ionos. We love it overall. It’s secure, very reliable and their support team has always been a pleasure to work with in the event we have questions.”


Amy Krell is a well-known producer who never misses a beat. (Works include: A Royal Wedding, A Christmas Prince, A Royal Winter, and Royal Matchmaker, among others.)

Amy and her team work globally to optimize costs with on-location shootings in Romania and post production work in California. With multiple production companies working on parallel projects, her team needed to simplify, eliminate unnecessary costs, and outsource where needed. Using Ionos Networks, she accomplished just that.

Amy used to buy expensive upfront software licenses which would be used once and never again, inflating her costs. Her team would send files from her post house in Romania to Los Angeles and then copy drives and courier those to the editor. With Ionos, she ships once from Cinesite Romania to Pace Pictures in Hollywood and pays only for the data transferred. With multiple projects each year, this process saves them both time and money and also allows them to focus on what they do best, making great entertainment.

With Ionos devices at each endpoint, Ionos ensures that the transfers travel at wire speed, and if there are more partners required to receive the same content, there is no need to provision additional bandwidth at the transfer site since the content is natively multicast using Ionos dynamic and flexible cloud backbone. It’s also extremely resilient, with the ability to resume transfers in the event of any interruption in internet service.


South Indian Overseas Content Distribution


Yusari Filem

Yusari Fliem partnered with Ionos Networks to distribute a major South Indian movie to Singapore and Malaysia. The content or Digital Cinema Package of this movie had been handed over to Ionos Networks in India before 48 hours of its schedule theatrical release. Seamlessly, Ionos Networks pushed the content from Chennai, India to all of their global destinations including Malaysia and Singapore. After the content was received within a few hours, hard drive copies were made and sent to theaters. Ionos Networks makes file distribution fast, easy, and efficient.”