Senior QA Engineer

Ionos Networks
Bengaluru Area, India

Job description

Ionos is seeking experienced Quality Assurance Engineers. Some of the responsibilities involve executing on QA testing strategy, working with operations to streamline Dev-to-QA and QA-to-Production flow, working with the developers during architecture/design phase, automation of all QA activities etc.

We prefer candidates, who have one month notice period with the current employer.

Engineers with 10+ years of proven technical record in some combination of the following areas are encouraged to apply:

  • Must have automation experience using python or similar languages
  • Experience with L4-L7 Networking in Data Centre, WAN
  • Experience with IP, TCP & UDP Linux host stack
  • Experience with Public Cloud (AWS EC2, GCE GKE etc) technologies
  • Experience with Firewall, IPS/IDS, Secure Proxy, Load Balancer, NAT etc.
  • Exposure to security technologies e.g. TLS, PKI, SSL
  • Experience with Docker/ Rkt, Kubernetes
  • Experience with VPN (Application, L2VPN) Technologies
  • Performance Debugging experience with GoLang, Java environments
  • Exposure to Mongodb / Cassandra / Kafka / Zookeeper / ELK
  • Exposure to Security testing e.g. PEN, Vulnerability assessment